Become More Like God By Giving

Several years ago while living in Western Pennsylvania, Cindy and I were having a really difficult time financially. All of our children were still living at home, we were 1400 miles from our families, our automobiles were beyond going, and there was no foreseeable way we could have them repaired or replaced. It was clearly out of our hands and we knew it.

A successful businessman from the church we attended was, unknown to us, replacing his wife’s minivan with a new one. They showed up at our door one evening and gifted us the Dodge Grand Caravan that was still, by our standards relatively new! After I pleaded with them, they allowed me to pay them the ridiculous sum of $1 just so I could claim I had bought it. (The male ego does seem to support the notion that God has a sense of humor.)

I am still, some 25-30 years later brought to tears as I write this. It is true that these people responded to our unspoken plea, but God was the source of our automotive deliverance. He moved the Sessions family and they responded to our need, not their own. They could have used the van as a trade-in, or sold it to another individual… but they didn’t. They responded to God by living outside of themselves, and forever helped change who I am.

Another couple, John and Carolyn recently bought a newer used automobile and asked me to find someone who really needed their older minivan. Now John and Carolyn’s minivan is with another couple who desperately needed it.

It is so easy to bless others by becoming “givers.” John and Carolyn could have easily sold the minivan (I’m sure they could use the money) but they didn’t. They chose to become more like the giver of the ultimate gift.

The next time you have something of value that will bless another person, consider giving it, instead of selling it. You may change someone’s life.

8 thoughts on “Become More Like God By Giving

  1. We did the same thing a couple of years ago with a truck that could have been traded in. Instead, we gifted it to someone in need at the time and although we could have used the cash it felt so much better to give than trade. It wasn’t worth a lot but it was to the person we gave it to.


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