Planning For The Future

Reading  excerpts from a collection of trivia (Okay, it was one of the “Bathroom Reader” books) I ran across a most intriguing tidbit: “The average American home has 8 extra rolls of toilet paper.” That begs several questions, a few being:

  1. Who would do such research?
  2. How would they go about it?
  3. Who cares?

That aside, it occurs to me that as people, we tend to “plan for the future” in some areas of life and ignore the future in others. That is, of course, understandable, and as it should be I suppose. However, the “areas” we choose to plan ahead for, as well as those we choose not to plan for, seem to be randomly differentiated or else just chosen subjectively.

Since the practice of successful waste elimination in the outdoors seems to be a disappearing skill set, the whole toilet paper reserve is predictable. I must admit that even I buy that particular commodity by the case.

It would seem that the same attention to avoiding future inconveniences and calamities would be applied to the certainties that have more far reaching consequences. Take “eternity” for example.

If you end up without toilet paper you are inconvenienced and (perhaps) embarrassed. If, however you end up in eternity without the blood of Jesus, the consequences are infinitely more extreme and never become a humorous memory told at family gatherings.

Planning for the future in some things is a good practice. The key to wise planning is choosing the eventualities carefully.

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