Missing in Action

I’ve been out of action for a couple of days. Apologies to those who find some comfort, encouragement, and help in my ramblings. The family seems to have been chased down and waylaid by some rouge “crud” that invades respiratory systems. Better now, this keyboard is reluctantly recording thoughts again.

Human frailty gets in the way of being “ALL IN.” Have you noticed? When in pain, whether emotional, physical, financial, etc., our vision seems to narrow focus upon the issues which are causing the pain and distress, to the exclusion of others. It becomes the urgent vs. the important. Since the pain is urgent, it usually wins.

Reminded of that these last few days, the important is now coming into view once again. Recalling conversations with others that were insensitive, ignoring or not even being aware of needs during my distress, failing to openly appreciate gestures of care and concern are symptomatic of the spiritually cancerous self-focus of the “I am important” mentality that lies just beheath the surface of each.

It is a concern easily dismissed because we all struggle with it, but it is not OK. James wrote to refugees about the difficulties they faced and instructed joy as the appropriate response to the difficulties that distract us from our mission to be God’s person all of the time. His rationale was that these temptations to be self-focused provide opportunity for maturity (James 1:2-8).

Grasping the concept is no longer a great challenge. It is the doing of it that trips me up. It is a good things that God loves me anyway. That makes it easier to recommit to being “ALL IN.”

photo credit: Head cold! via photopin All rights reserved by the author

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