Graduation Is Coming!

I do not know where this picture was taken, nor to whom I should give credit, but it captures the essence of graduation! In 2004 I got a “whiff” of my own mortality. Cancer was found, and removed from my “innards.” When asked about how long until I would be considered cancer free, the surgeon and oncologist, without hesitation, said, “never.”

There is something about coming face-to-face with your own mortality that puts a man on his heels. My princess was crushed, concerned about being alone (even though our sons would never allow that). Her reality was/is somewhat different from mine. Her concern was being alone, having to move, what about income (even though she is a teacher), what will it be like to care for a dying man, etc. My battle was with my body and my ego.

Twelve years later we have both transitioned/grown into a place we could not imagine then: peace. Her questions remain unanswered and mine have not changed. The impact of the cancer on my body is measurable, but has taken place so slowly as to be almost imperceptable.

The real impact has for me been spiritual, and I think it has for Cindy as well. In our thinking we have transitioned away from the plans and goals we had made for our lives. We have moved toward an understanding of Abraham’s search for a “city whose builder and maker is God.” We are in reality, only spirits, temporarily clothed in flesh for our brief passage in this world.

We become so attached to these temporary trappings that we easily forget we are only to pitch tents here, not build mansions. For God’s people, bought with the blood of Jesus, death is not the enemy, it is going home. That’s why the picture grabbed my attention and my heart.

I look forward to seeing you there if we never meet on this part of the journey. Lest there be any misunderstanding, physically I’m still doing well and have no reason to expect a change anytime soon. It will be OK if it does change though.

Until then, I’m “ALL IN.” Are you?

2 thoughts on “Graduation Is Coming!

  1. I cannot express how much your insight on many things helps me in my attempt to be “all in” for me it is a daily struggle to completely surrender myself. I am a bit of a control freak. Thanks for all your words.


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