Public Perception Is Important

Some things are clearly more important than others. That stated, and I assume accepted without argument, most should give more thought to the priority placement of the items being ranked.

Jesus rebuked a group of self-proclaimed “guides for the blind” (no really, the Pharisees actually called themselves that). He pointed out that “faith, justice, and mercy” should be considered more critical than tithing garden herbs and seeds (Matthew 23:23). Point made?

Public perception is one of those items that doesn’t belong on the top of the list, but it is a consideration. One of the qualifications of the church’s special servants that was going to be “out front” in the community was that they should have a good reputation among the town’s folk (1 Timothy 3:7). That clearly isn’t as important as the reality of who the servant is. However, since believers no longer just wear their own names, but also wear the name of the Master, public perception is a consideration.

The common ant has a reputation of being very industrious and work, work, work, work, working all of the time. I have been informed by people who study such things, that like people, ants only spend about a fifth of their day working. They have a much better reputation across the board than people do though.

Pay attention to who you really are, but never assume public perception is unimportant as you are “ALL IN” as a follower of Jesus. After all, He is the one you represent.

photo credit: Mravenec 1 detail via photopin (license)

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