God Is Not Like Me, I’m Supposed To Become Like Him

A friend who can rival Erma Bombeck with the accounts of life at her house recently told of her nine year old daughter’s observation about her string of snow days at school. Her account picks up as mother and daughter were driving to a local store.

Mom said: “I can’t believe you’re out of school again- the roads are perfect; God sure has been answering y’all’s prayers about not going to school for some reason.”

Daughter’s response: “Yeah He is; isn’t it great? Of course I’m sure He hated school too when He was a kid.”

While perfectly predictable and acceptable in the immature, imagining God in our image is a real problem. The ancient Greeks and Romans did that and amassed a collection of vindictive, self-absorbed gods.

In an interview yesterday an older man told me that he had grown weary of trying to make God into his own image and had, years ago, decided to take God for who He is. It makes a huge difference.

Paul, in his letter to the Roman church, predicted that God’s wrath was in store for people who, although they could know God, refused to allow His sovereignty and existence hold any sway in their own reality (Romans 1). Ignorance of God’s expectations (righteousness) results in the only thing it can, man establishing his own expectations of himself and others (Romans 10).

Not a good plan… Accept God as sovereign and be “All IN” about living for Him. (It’s easier said than done.) It is comforting to know that God loves us, sent His Son for us, because He doesn’t want us to be “condemned” (John 3:16&17).

Image credit: Heartlight

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