Anger Addiction?

I read the other day that it is possible to become psychologically addicted to being angry. Assuming it is true, how would that happen?

Several years ago Cindy and I worked with juvenile males that would have been felons if they had been eighteen, so we are not taking about nice boys. But underneath their rough exterior, most of them were still just boys. Most had grown up in environments where their adult role models were not able to be respected (respectable). The young men had, therefor, followed the behavior of others that were poor models.

It seems that every emotion they experienced (other than pleasure) was pretty much processed the same. Anger was the response to nearly every negative emotion. They felt as if they had no security, always feeling threatened. They felt alone, even surrounded by their gang buddies. Maybe that is how it happens to everyone: feeling alone and threatened, processing every emotional response as anger.

It does not have to be so. For the “All In” disciple Jesus promised to always be with you. He even promised eternal protection: “Let not your hearts be troubled…”

Be an “All In” follower of Jesus. Then you can relax into His love and care… and not be angry.

photo credit: “Don’t get cute with me!” via photopin (license)

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