Peace In Chaos?

Early morning traffic in the city is not a new experience, but it is something I only participate in occasionally these days. It is stop and go, this lane that lane, switch and twitch, relax and tense up.

Traveling with a friend recently I was reminded of Isaiah’s words: “Crying Peace, Peace, where there is no peace.” Not the same context, but the words fit. My friend was driving to an early medical appointment and tends to be edgy on a good day. This wasn’t one of those.

I assured him several times that all was well, there was plenty of time, and he should just relax. His assessment was different. He knew (intellectually) that I was right, BUT… it just didn’t feel that way. He could not relax.

Have you ever been there? Jesus’ disciples were when they finally got the message that Jesus was actually leaving. The brethren from Ephesus felt that way when they realized they were never going to see Paul again. The answer in both instances was the same, “Look to God.”

Folks, that sounds overly simplistic. Perhaps that is why more people do not try it. It is the answer though. The peace that passes understanding is real. We just aren’t very good at relaxing when all of the “traffic” is unpredictable. What IS predictable is God’s care for His children.

Be “All In” as God’s follower and relax into His care, even in the midst of chaos. It is better than holding a death grip on the steering wheel that doesn’t control anything anyway.


Photo credit: Wayne Wells

2 thoughts on “Peace In Chaos?

  1. If we are going to have peace, it will have to be in chaos, right? I think that’s our only choice. Excellent thoughts, Wayne.


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