God’s Person and the Election Cycle

This is a tough one because so many are passionate about their politics. I too, have strong opinions about some issues, BUT… since I am God’s servant and not my own… Wow, what a pivotal perspective: God’s servant and not my own.

As God’s servant, I will stand for faith, justice, and mercy (among other things) but must keep a strong focus on God’s will and purposes, and the best interests of others. I have watched strong opinions that cross the line into personal defamation and belittling. That is not good no matter who is doing it.

Excepting God Himself, Jesus, there has not been a human, politician or not, that was all he/she should be. Nor has there ever been (including now) anyone operating with God’s full wisdom in pointing to THE one who was God’s choice to rule, without God revealing His choice to that prophet.

Since I am “All In” as God’s servant I will not have my voice for God be muffled by differences in political opinion. I may state mine, but I will also honor others to do the same. I will vote when the time comes and then sleep soundly because:

  1. I have confidence that God knows what His plan is;
  2. I have been obedient in voting (as God’s servant) for the person I think is the best choice among the rabble.

What I must not do is alienate people with whom I disagree politically, so that they will ignore me when I speak the name of Jesus into their lives.

photo credit: Automotive Social Media Marketing via photopin (license)

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