It’s Just His Turn

Human health is an interesting thing. Like the old expression: “Here today…Gone tomorrow,” the illusion of physical or mental health can change dramatically in only a moment.

In the same day recently, I learned of an automobile wreck involving my nephew and his family, my daughter-in-law’s mother’s blood clot and subsequent leg amputation, and my brother’s medical event that appeared to have been either a mild stroke or a mild seizure. All of these people had plans for that day as well as those to come, which had to be modified. While all survived, they are all changed. A stark reminder that our physical lives really are a wisp of smoke in the wind (James 4:14).

It is easy to forget that God is involved and not on vacation when such events take place in our lives. We may be confused about what exactly is being accomplished for good (Romans 8:28), but the thing about being an “All In” disciple is that I trust God even with especially with things uncomfortable and inconvenient.

His “good” may require difficult times for me personally (like it did with Stephen, the first recorded Christian martyr), but death takes us to the ultimate reward anyway. I am to trust Him with that just as I am to trust Him in everything else.

It is certainly a clear reminder to me that “graduation” to glory is just around the corner. I must (and will) remain “All In.” How about you?

photo credit: King George Military Hospital, 3rd floor theatre, Dr. Barrington Ward and Dr. Lillian via photopin (license)

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