To Vote, or Not To Vote?

In the dynamics of this unusual election cycle in the US there are celebrity types threatening a move if this person or that person is elected as the next POTUS. That kind of drama has become common place among the spoiled, brat-like dregs of society (even if they are in showbiz) we have birthed and reared over the past few decades. Those threats, whether or not they are carried out, are little more than the rants of people who have begun believing the press releases put out by their own publicists.

The knee-jerk reactions that I find troubling are the “believers” who are saying they just will not vote this cycle. While I have no interest in dissuading you if you feel that God expects you to sit this one out, I can’t help remembering a teacher I had in the 1970’s. He had returned from mission work in Italy (I think) a couple of years earlier. While there, he had worked in the campaign for a communist politician during an election cycle.

You can imagine the reaction from red-blooded, redneck Texans he received after that announcement! After he let us vent the excess hostility that had immediately boiled up, he “justified” himself. The main thing that I remember about his explanation is that you must choose between what is available. The candidate he supported was less of a danger than the other one. After all, the purpose of government is to protect and defend the citizens. It is nice to think about governments being “righteous,” but that is not going to happen this side of eternity. There are too many people involved for it to be possible.

May I encourage every believer to vote. Choose from among those on the ballot. Do not murmur nor complain, but trust that God is not napping. You may find the outcome confusing, but do not assume God is not in it.

This is certainly a challenging part of being “All In” as God’s disciple.

photo credit: I got to sit next to this all day via photopin (license)

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