Answer The Nudge

I had, on short notice, occasion to travel back to my childhood home in order to take care of some business. While there the thought came to me that I should “run by” to see an aging family member in a care facility. Up to that point I was so focused on my reason to make the trip that it had not occurred to me that God might have additional reasons.

After visiting in the care facility I realized He did have additional things in mind and assume it was His nudging that brought the visit to mind. The lady was moved to tears when she saw me, happy tears I should add. She had been so lonely the week before and was overcome that I had “showed up.”

How quickly I forget to ask God what is on His agenda. At least when I was nudged this time I responded. Our task is to be faithful to His calling. It is His to take care of the success of the efforts. There was much success in that visit.

Being “All In” requires an ear tuned in to God’s voice. It is comforting to know that even when I do not listen well, He loves me anyway!
photo credit: rep.1 via photopin (license)

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