Give Thanks In All Things

On the way home from a recent trip, I was sitting with an adult nephew outside in the campground. We were commenting how nice the weather was… in Texas… in March… at least this March.

How often do we enjoy the little niceties God delivers unrequested without the first thought of thanking Him for these little things. There are other little things: close parking places, breaks in the rain when we need to go in, clouds floating over to take the brunt of the sun in our eyes while driving, etc.

I know that others look at these and think coincidence, especially since the parking places are not always close, the rain does not always break, and the clouds do not always hide the sun on a bright day. But I have learned to thank God for those as well, because I know that He has a plan, and I trust Him.

Absolute confidence in and appreciation for/to the Creator of the universe certainly does absorb the stress of living, leaving only the peace that can not be explained to those not experiencing it.

May you experience that peace in every circumstance. The pathway is really very simple: Be an “All In” follower giving thanks in all things.

photo credit: Morning on the Fenceline via photopin (license)

3 thoughts on “Give Thanks In All Things

  1. Wayne, I like this! I would not be alive but for “coincidences.” I think miracles happen all the time, but we don’t notice them and cite luck as the reason. Even Christians. Thanks for this contemplation!

    Thanks also for stopping by my site!


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