Trust But Verify

We are prone to accept the conventional wisdom of the day, and resist ideas that conflict with what “everybody just knows.” After all, it is expensive to challenge the norms of culture. There is laughing, teasing, ridicule, and sometimes even being ostracized. Nobody wants to have that happen.

There have been uncountable hoards who have “smoked like chimneys” and, concerning alcohol, “drank like fish.”  Thinking about that expression, it really does not make sense does it?

I digress, so back to the subject: many people throughout history have smoked and drank a lot for a variety of reasons, but Enrico Caruso, the great operatic tenor did both for the expressed purpose of “protecting his voice!” By the way… he died at the age of 48.

I wonder sometimes how many of the “truths” and “conclusions” of my culture I accept, just because I have always been told they are true. It is easy for me to expect others to challenge their beliefs and verify them with Scripture. It is more difficult for me to employ that same objectivity test to my beliefs.

As an “All In” follower, I must be willing and be involved in doing just that. My comfort should be found in God’s truth that sets me free (John 8:32). All to often I find my comfort in familiarity instead. I must change. It is wonderful that God loves me anyway as I grow.

Join me in the ongoing challenge to be “All In.”

Photo: Enrico Caruso postcard circa 1910

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