A little catch up…

This is not a “regular” post for this blog, but I do want to bring you up to date on a couple of things:

  1. On my podcast (While I’m Thinking About It) is an interview from a few weeks ago with the blogger, Beauty Beyond Bones. I recommend you take the 35 minutes or so to listen to her story. Many of us look forward to every installment she brings to us. She is a special person.
  2. My cancer tumors have begun flexing their muscles and doing what they can to disrupt my days. I am still ministering in the church where I have been planted by God 14 years ago, but have had to slow down a bit these past couple of months. I am scheduled to begin a brief treatment strategy, with one installment early next week and the other on June 1st. I anticipate they will be nothing more than an inconvenience.

I wanted to share these bits of news. Take the time to listen to the interview. It is Episode # 48, also available on iTunes Podcast: While I’m Thinking About It.

Pray for the success of my treatments if you are so inclined.



6 thoughts on “A little catch up…

  1. We are so inclined, and we will definitely be praying! Looking forward to listening to the interview, also. I admire your faith in the face of “inconvenience” my friend.


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