About Wayne


Originally from Central Texas, I now live with my Redheaded-Irish-Princess, Cindy. She and God have been working to “raise” me as a husband and father for over 40 years. My mother, Joann, also shares our home most of the year. We have three sons who have wonderful families of their own with an aggregate total of 13 grandchildren.

While on a career track as a musician, I reluctantly (at first anyway) responded to the nudge of God to become more deeply involved in teaching and mentoring others in the whole process of surrender to God’s will. Not surprisingly, I had to go in that direction myself. Since I had not ever been too keen on anything that was not my idea, I had a long way to go.

Since August, 2002, we have been located in a quaint community on the Highland Rim of Middle Tennessee, Gainesboro. While none of our children have shared this house with us, all of our grandchildren think of this as our home. It is nice to have roots, no matter how temporary along this journey to eternity.

It has been quite a journey, and continues to be…

Feel free to contact me:

Wayne Wells – P.O. Box 705 – Gainesboro, TN 38562 – waynecwells@icloud.com – Cellphone: 931-319-0084

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